Andrew Hawtrey


Babylon Kinoscope AD Paramount Pictures
Wilson Commuter Fox Searchlight Pictures
Quality Problems Hap Independent Film 2017
Mr. Mayor Co-Star NBC
Tocoma FD Guest Star TBS
Grace & Frankie Co-Star Netflix
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Co-Star Dir: Kat Coiro
F'D Oliver Funny or Die Series
Family Tree Guest Star HBO, Christopher Guest
Farmed & Dangerous Guest Star Web Series
Pack of Wolves Howard Disney Pilot
Chocolate News Co-star Comedy Central
Playing Chicken Pilot Co-star CW/FOX
Reno 911 Guest Star Comedy Central
The Chris Kattan Pilot Co-star Sony
Uncommon Sense (Pilot) Co-star Sony
According to Jim Co-star ABC
Miss Match Co-star NBC
Just Shoot Me Co-star NBC
City Guys Guest Star NBC
Beyond Belief Guest Star FOX
Third Rock From the Sun Promo NBC
Boston Common Co-star NBC
Men Behaving Badly Promo NBC
Mad About You Promo NBC
Working Promo NBC
The Sunday Company The Groundlings Los Angeles
The Waterbrains Westside Comedy Theatre Santa Monica
Bucket The Empty Stage Los Angeles
WAX Bang Theatre Los Angeles
T-Bone Jam Improv Underground Los Angeles
Oxymoron’s Star Theatre Phoenix
Lost and Found Lead The Lounge Theatre
Tony and Tina’s Wedding Lead Henry Fonda Theatre
Three Lead The Empty Stage
The Servant Lead Tres Repertory Theatre
The Collective Works of Billy the Kid Lead ASU West
Greater Tuna Lead Opstad Theatre
The Groundlings Sunday Company Los Angeles
The Empty Stage Improv Performer Los Angeles
University of Iowa   Iowa
Talent Builders Inc   Phoenix
Instructors: Mindy Sterling, Mike McDonald, Stan Wells, Heather Morgan, Donna Pippin